A Basic Guide to the Costa del Sol

Where to go and What to do?

The Costa del Sol is a beautiful place to visit with stunning terrain unlike anywhere else in Europe, from the green mountain ranges of Mijas or the spectacular cliff drops of Ronda, to the stunning beaches of Fuengirola, Marbella or Tarifa. 

There is far more to the area than just lovely views though, with a huge choice of fantastic fun and affordable attractions to enjoy regardless of your age

Even if you have been to the Costa del Sol many times, there is quite possibly something to see or do which you haven't seen or done before - and it doesn't matter what time of the year you visit, the Costa del Sol is alive year round thanks to the healthy number of both Spanish residents and foreigners who have settled here to live permanently

To help, especially those who have never visited before, we have put together some information below of both places to visit and attractions to enjoy. Where possible we have also added locations, pricing and/or links to websites so you can get an idea what you might want to do before you come and waste no time during your stay