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BioParc - Fuengirola Zoo

BioParc Fuengirola is an award winning zoo with animals of many species, all kept in state of the art enclosures which provide the public with amazing views and sights in antastic Jungle themed surroundings, but also the animals with the most amazing homes to live in

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Selwo Aventura - African Safari Park in Estepona

Selwo Aventura is a Safari Park filled with African Wildlife, from Cheetahs and Lions to Giraffes and Hippo. Situated in Estepona, around 45 minutes drive from Fuengirola (past Marbella) it offers the chance to get close to some of the most amazing creatures on the planet, without having to go on an African Safari

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Sea Life Centre Benalmadena Port

Sea Life Benalmadena Port

The Sea Life Centre is located right on the lovely Benalmadena Port and is also surrounded by many restaurants, bars & cafes, plus shops making it a great day out for the family! 

Easy to reach by bus, taxi, car or even via the Ferry which runs between Fuengirola & Benalmadena Port.

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