Emergency Telephone Numbers - Police/Ambulance/Health/Fire

Please find below a list of Emergency numbers that you can call in the unlikely event that you need them. It is advisable to take note of the following information or URL to this page (should you have a Smart/I-phone), prior to your holiday and bring them with you. At the very least, the main Emergency Number should be stored to your phone prior to your Holiday.

Please remember that Sol Rentals staff are available if you experience any kind of emergency. Should you need us, feel free to call us on our contact numbers on your booking forms. Please note though that we cannot guarantee to be available 24/7 - 365 days per year, so in the event you have an emergency during your stay you are responsible for dealing with it yourself.

In such an event, please note below all emergency telephone numbers and local authority numbers. You are expected to print these numbers or to store the essential emergency numbers on your telephone before your stay:


Emergencies.......................112 (All Languages)

Fire Brigade.........................080 Emergency calls only! 

Local Police Station.............092 Emergency calls only!

Ambulance..........................061  Emergency calls only!

Constabulary.......................062  Emergency calls only!

National Police....................091 for Emergencies OR  952 47 32 00 for other calls.

Red Cross.............................913 35 45 45

Traffic constabulary ...........952 27 24 00

Civil Protection....................952 21 47 33

Maritime security................900 20 22 02

The most important piece of information is NOT to hesitate in the face of an emergency due to lack of confidence in speaking Spanish. Simply give your name, telephone number and location in clear and slow English and they are sure to have no problem understanding you; they are very used to Foreign Visitors in this area.

The following Hospital Telephone numbers are NOT for medical emergencies. In the event of a medical emergency use the 3 digit numbers for ambulance above.

These are contact numbers for the various hospitals in the area, in the case of a member of your group being taken to one of them. You should bring your EU Health Card with you on your travels as they will be required, along with your passport:

HOSPITAL (COSTA DEL SOL) (Marbella)............................952 86 27 48

HOSPITAL CARLOS HAYA (Malaga)....................................951 03 01 00

HOSPITAL CLÍNICO UNIVERSITARIO (Malaga): ................952 64 94 00


The hospital below is private, but they usually accept most forms of Travel Insurance, if you'd rather go private than public with any consultations or health problems during your stay!:

XANIT HOSPITAL INTERNACIONAL (Private Medical Services & Care)

Image result for xanit benalmadena

Emergencies 24h. (Click on Ambulance for website)
900 407 407
647 789 648

If you will be staying on the Costa del Sol longer term and wish to enquire about Xanit's Private Medical Cover options, contact us.

Malaga to Fuengirola Train Service

Taking the Train from Malaga Airport to Fuengirola is easy, quick and cheap! The train stops outside the Airport Arrivals Terminal meaning no long walks, though it is advised to give yourself at least 15mins from picking up your baggage to hopping on the train. 
The trains are spacious, air conditioned, clean and most importantly running approx every 20mins or so, always on time. They are ideal for arrivals and departures to and from the airport in many of our apartments between 8am and 11pm.
The first train travelling to Fuengirola leaves the Airport at 05:42 am and the last train leaves at 22:42 pm so most UK flights will be covered with the train service.

The trains also leave every 20 Minutes, throughout the day and run virtually 100% on time.

As well as using the excellent train service to travel to and from your Holiday Home and the Airport, you can use it to visit some of the other towns and attractions up and down the Costa del Sol.

Whether visiting Fuengirola Centre, Benalmadena and Arroyo de la Miel, Torremolinos or even Malaga City Centre itself, with it's fairly new trains and well organised line it is probably the most cost efficient and reliable form of transport on the Costa del Sol.

For a full time table CLICK HERE and check if the times are suitable for your flight times.

Buying tickets is easy, simply use one of the ticket machines at the Train Station (selecting the stop you require) which take Euro currency in coins, or notes. Tickets are generally between 2 and 3 euros per person each way.

Taxi & Bus Services


Taxi's are available at the Malaga Airport Arrival Terminal freely (no need to book) and are the quickest option for travelling to and from your holiday home with us here at Sol Rentals. They are however a little pricey. Prices can vary dependant on season, but as a general rule we would advise clients to budget 40-50 Euros each way for their Taxi ride.

If you wish to call and order a Taxi for your return to the Airport, or to use at any time during your stay use the following contact for any pickup in the Fuengirola area:

Radio Taxi Fuengirola

Tel: 952-47-10-00


Sol Rentals also have a more personal Airport Pick Up service available at far lower rates than local taxis will provide. Our airport pickups require reservation and are first come first served in the Peak Seasons.

Ask us for more information when booking your holiday!


Bus It?

Bus Services, though not quite up to the standard of Spains excellent rail networks, are cheap and allow you to travel between virtually any town or tity in Andalucia. For instance, if you wish to visit Marbella, the bus service will get you there for under 2euros per person.

Schedules change often and in the busy season are so popular they rarely run on time.

The local bus (single level, shorter bus either yellow or red) will get you between your apartment and Fuengirola centre. Simply ask the driver if he goes where you want (they are used to it!).

If you want to travel to Marbella, Benalmadena, Torremolinos or anywhere else further afield, you need to make your way on the local bus (they virtually ALL stop here at some point on their route) to the Bus Station in the centre of Fuengirola and purchase a ticket at the kiosk. Then, simply wait for the bus with your destination written on to come along! Queuing in Spain is generally regarded as optional, by the way.

CLICK THIS LINK to get a general idea of bus services from Fuengirola to all the major towns and cities in the region.

Consulates & Embassies

Spain, Malaga, British Consulate

Spainwise British ConsulateBritish Flag




British Consulate

Edificio Eurocom, Bloque Sur
Calle Mauricio Moro Pareto 2-2°
29006 Málaga




(+34) 952 35 23 00
Alternative telephone number: (+34) 91 334 2194



(+34) 95 235 92 11 




Office hours:


(local time = CET):
Monday to Friday 08:30 - 13:30



European Satellite solutions - Wi-Fi and UK TV Providers to the Costa del Sol


Some of our Properties offer Wi-Fi Internet as an optional extra during your stay. If you require this service, Euro-Sat Solutions is located next to our office!

Prices vary depending on the length of your subscription, but are on average from 10 euros per device per week. There is also a free 1 day trial available! 

Eurpean Sat Solutions



For all you satellite needs - Free View TV - European Sat TV channels - Dish Upgrades - Viewing cards, Etc.

We also have WiFi internet solutions for you whether you are an expat or just visiting!
Call in and see us at the shop or call for Professional advice.

New free to Air system from only
299€ fully fitted with all equipment!

Call Peter McCormack: (+34) 952 661 456/956

UK TV in Spain changed back in 2013, the outcome being that no Satellite dishes, even up to 3metre giants, are able to receive a signal for UK Freeview television boxes which offer BBCs/ITVs. 

Euro Satelite Solutions provide many options to solve this issue, thanks to Peter's (the Boss of Euro Sat) relationship and contacts in the world of Satellite and Internet TV!

The reputation of a company that has serviced the coast for so long ensures that clients still get the FREE VIEW channels they want, so come to Euro Sat Solutions where all their guarantees are assured thanks to their shopfront (open for over 10 years) and excellent reputation - don't risk Armchair Sat experts working out of a van, come to the professionals. 

Euro Sat cover the entire Coast! Call in for a free consultation and/or quote.